Precision casting

What distinguishes the precision casting from the investment casting is the use of ceramic dip-coating compositions and waxes with coarser grain sizes. This leads to greater tolerances and a rougher surface than the investment casting would produce.

Precision casting characteristics:

  • Part size: edge lengths or diameters up to 900 mm
  • Weight per unit: 0.5 kg to 85 kg
  • Wall thickness: 2.5 mm or more
  • Dimensional tolerance: about 1.2 % of the nominal size
  • Surface roughness: min. N 9 (Ra = 6.3 ym)
  • Processing of all castable materials (also well weldable qualities)
  • Castings can be fully heat-treated
  • Undercuts are representable
  • Small and large-scale production series are possible
  • Low tool costs
  • Tool life: almost infinite
  • Delivery periods: about 8-10 weeks after ordering (stockpiling is possible)

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